Lucky Duckie

Lucky Duckie
There once was a duck who was searching for luck. The duck could not yet fly.
She went for a swim on the urge of a whim, thinking "When will I reach the sky?"
When she swam to the shore, she pondered some more, "Will my wings ever touch a cloud?"
When along came a swan, at the side of the pond, who greeted the duck aloud.
"Hello are you well?" asked the swan, who could tell, there was more to this duck than she knew.
"I am looking for luck" said the little duck, “but, alas, no luck is in view."
"I struggle to fly, but I don't know why." responded the duck with distain.
"I have tried, and tried, and have even cried, but alas it has all been in vain."
"Ahh, I see" said the swan, who could see this duckie could use some advice.
"I can help you my friend, if you'd like to ascend. Get onto my back, I'll be nice.”
Up to the sky in a blink of an eye, ascended the duck and the swan.
"Start flapping your wings", the swan then sings, “as we go down to the pond.”
With all her might, the duck such a sight. She gave everything that she could.
No holding back and nothing but quack, she knew that this felt good.
A wind gust came in for a helpful win, the duck started gaining some sky.
“I’m not going down, this is very profound” said the duck with a tear in her eye.
“You did it, I see!” said the swan merrily, with her heart full of joy for the duck.
“I am glad I could help but guess what else, it was help that you needed, not luck!”
Written By:  Sarah The Wood Duck