Oregon Birdwatching

      I recently took up animal photography, wild & domestic. My main goal is to show people the majesty of nature and the special warmth that animals can instill in the heart of human beings. As I progress, I will be adding items to my Gift Shop that will feature these photos.
      When I got my camera, I didn't think about what it was going to be like to take people along with me while I am out "Photographizing" my favorite subjects. I knew that there are backseat drivers, but it is quite different having backseat photographers that point out cool scenes with people in them. I ALWAYS reply, "I don't do people. I ONLY take animal and nature photos." While I take pretty good human photos, I feel the world has seen enough people. Animal populations across the world are dwindling rapidly and I hope my photography can bring people to an awareness for each species importance.
      This is a video I took of a resident Black Hooded Junco. They are very small, closer to the size of a finch and make very cute sounds. I took this video in my home state of Oregon. I hope you enjoy it as well as other upcoming videos I am going to be making.
      I wish you well. Thank you for stopping by! Next time you are out and about in nature, or even in a city parking lot, I encourage you to take a closer watch at the animals around you and consider the blessing they are to this planet.
                                                   - Sarah The Wood Duck